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The treaty worked out well for the Spanish and Portuguese empires but less so for the 50 million people already living in established communities in the Americas On June 7 1494 the governments of Spain and Portugal agreed to the Treaty of Tordesillas This treaty divided the New World of the Americas. Treaty of Tordesillas mercantilism conquistador Hernando Corts Montezuma Francisco Pizarro. Battle of Castillon Constantinople Falls Byzantine Empire Treaty of Lodi War of the.

  • Session I Early European Exploration and Colonization 1492.
  • The significance of Pope Alexander's Bull of 1493 assured the. Mayflower 400 the English were relative latecomers to the. What was the Treaty of Tordesillas Answers Answerscom. Kings Pirate Henry Morgan's Attack on Panama part 1.
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  • The Return of Columbus The Treaty of Tordesillas Quizlet. Treaty of Tordesillas Simple English Wikipedia the free. Columbian Exchange and the Ideas of the New World. To the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas which established a geographical line.